06-10-10 - By emission in flames florescent lamps lasers By...

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Wednesday, October-06-10 - Energy of electrons is quantized o And there are discrete energy levels of atoms o Atoms cant be between energy levels they must be set at a certain one ( creates a spectra per atom) o Quantization of potential energy Based on a staircase image o If we have different energy levels possible for the electrons it is possible to have electronic transitions were electrons switch energy levels to either a higher energy level or a lower one. Emission is when it drops energy levels, while absorption is when it goes up an energy level. o Photon = hv = hc/ lambda = e 2 – e 1 ( Equation for the amount of energy lost by going through energy levels) o If the difference is in the visible spectrum or 400-800 nm then it will create colour
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Unformatted text preview: By emission in flames florescent lamps, lasers By absorption in minerals, pigments, dyes o Structure of the h atom o Discrete orbits with discrete energy levels Bohrs formula = E n = - R h / n 2+ R h = 2.179 x 10 18 J N = quantum number integer > or = 1 o Success of Bohr’s model He could accurately describe the H atom Using Bohr’s model on can calculate the longest visible lambda in H emission spectrum • Will correspond to the smallest energy level difference ( from 3 – 2) • Solve for e then plug into the lambda equation •...
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06-10-10 - By emission in flames florescent lamps lasers By...

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