07-10-10 - o Heisenberg Uncertainty principle which is...

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Thursday, October-07-10 - Poly electronic atoms o Bohr’s model fails due to e- … e- interactions o Introduction of quantum mechanics o Concept of quantized energy levels is retained - Bohr’s model remains valid for all mono electronic species - Why did Bohr’s failed because it cannot show more complex ions o En = - R h Z 2 / h 2 o The reason being was there are more complex ions with more than one energy levels - Quantum mechanics o De Bronglie was explaining that the wav/particle duality of light is applicable to all moving particles So then photons is equivalent to particles so the equation of momentum p =mv = h/ lambda If something has a wavelength then it has momentum One piece of evidence which supports this theory is wave properties of electron beams or wave diffraction See the different patterns created by x-ray vs electrons
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Unformatted text preview: o Heisenberg Uncertainty principle which is applicable to sub-atomic particles • In the example with the electron in the atom we see that the value is invalid because the value of v is so off the speed of light and when you compare the mass versus Delta x you see that error and precision is twice under that of m. Therefore we cannot understand were the electron is in the atom. • We stop talking about orbits and start talking about orbitals were it is a volume of a certain distance, utilizing the uncertainty principle, we can estimate were the presence of the electron might be. It becomes insignificant and just available in a certain space with probabilities referring to where it most likely will be •...
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07-10-10 - o Heisenberg Uncertainty principle which is...

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