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Thursday, October-21-10 - Electron sharing o Overlap of atomic valence orbitals containing single e’s o Overlap of 1s orbitals – increased e- density between nuclei o Sigma bond is an overlap of two bongs double bond - parallel o Pi overlap is Perpendicular bonds, its on the x axis o Sigma bonds are two sigma bonds + a Pi bond - Lewis Structure o Description of bonding in molecules(not shape) show all valence electrons – bonding
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Unformatted text preview: + non – bonding o Contains lone pairs electrons o Formal charge Charge carried by atoms in a molecule if all bonds described as 100% covalent Atom core charge( nucleus + core e’s) - # of bond e pairs -Number of non-bonding e’s For co2 fc(c) = 4-4 -0 =0 Fc(o) = 6-2-4 = 0 Formal charge is only applicable if the molecule is 100 percent covalent o...
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