30-09-10 - which help und erstand the che mical...

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Thursday, September-30-10 - For the following reaction of water were H = -572 KJ o What is work associated with this reaction at 25 deg Celsius o Work = -P x delta V V would be – because it is turning from a gas to a liquid and because the volume is decreasing work must be available to carry out this action Because p is already negative and delta v is negative the value must be + Vi = 3 x 22.4L x 298 k / 273 k(22.4 is a constant?) Vf = 36cm 3 = o.o36 L which is pretty much you don’t need because its such a small value W(atm L) x 8.314 / 0.08 L = W(J) Answer is a? why I have no idea - Electron structure of ato ms o Light, photons, photoche mical reactions o Atomic spectra o Quantu m m ech anics, ato mic orbitals o Electron configurations Spectrom etry labs a nd exa m ples A g en eral term of qu antu m a nd the d efinition of ato mic orbitals Electron configurations are notations that describe in en ergy levels and such
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Unformatted text preview: which help und erstand the che mical properties-Properties of Lights a nd photons o Radiation – m atter interactions Atomic/molecular structural information How the interactions occur are d ep end ent on the wavelength and what kind of light we are using a g ainst so m ething UV/ visible a nd infrared are the three types of light a nd are all similar b ecaus e they lie on the s a m e grid X-ray has short wavelength • And the type of interaction which occurs is different then that of the ones o top • The x-ray wavelength is about the same wavelength as atoms ( 1-3 angstroms) so they are so small they are applicable to interact with atoms using diffraction and other interactions. • Light = electromagnetic wave o (oscillating electric + magnetic fields) •...
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30-09-10 - which help und erstand the che mical...

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