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08-10-10 - -Multiply by r So torque =(mr 2)a-Torque =...

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Friday, October-08-10 - Rotation o Torque and angular acceleration o Moment of inertia - Torque causes angular acceleration - How much torque does it take to rotate a particular object? o Force causes linear acceleration o Torque causes angular acceleration - Angular acceleration of a particle is proportional to the net torque attached to it - F t = ma t = m(r(angular acceleration) , since a = r* angular acceleration
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Unformatted text preview: -Multiply by r: So torque = (mr 2 )a-Torque = I(angular acceleration)-I = mass x (distance from rotation axis) 2-Torque = m x r x sin(theta) -The answer to the first quiz is b) reason for is when you take t(m x r x sin(theta)) and make it equal to (mr 2 ) x angular acceleration and result in angular acceleration = g*sin(theta) / r-...
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