13-09-10 - o Instantaneous is the same as getting the...

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Monday, September-13-10 - www.physics.mcmaster.ca/phys1d03 - Assignment 1 updated - Due on September 20 th uncertainties and graphs chapter in lab manual- read section in 1.6 text significant digits and rounding o Kinematics in one dimension Displacement, velocity acceleration Graphs Bodies in free fall Constant acceleration – Special Case o Serway and Jewett Chapter 2 Chapter 2 problem 5,15,35,47,61 Conceptual questions – 1,4,7 o Kinematics : description of motion o One dimension : motion along a straight line o 1-d motions = scalar o Scalar is physical quantity which can be described by single numbers or real numbers. o Position – displacement from the origin o Velocity – rate of change of position o Acceleration – rate of change of velocity o + - defines direction from starting point o Instantaneous velocity = the average over an infinitesimal time interval
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Unformatted text preview: o Instantaneous is the same as getting the average of such a small interval that it would result in the same value due to decimals o Three line equal signs are defining an equation. It is true no matter what arguments are brought up o A particle is initially moving. A few seconds later it stops. During the time interval there is not enough information to tell what is happening. o The curvature of a line defines the acceleration( on an x v t graph) o A rubber ball is dropper and bounces twice from the floor before it is caught. X to be upwards and x=0 at the floor. o At the highest point velocity is 0 and acceleration is a small number. This is because even a nanosecond before it hits the top there is still velocity and therefore there is a change from this to 0 and acceleration is present....
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13-09-10 - o Instantaneous is the same as getting the...

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