18-10-10 - values o Px tcos30 = 0 o Py + tsin30 w1 w2 =...

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Monday, October-18-10 - Equilibrium in a Rigid body o No translational or angular acceleration. No net force and no net torque. o Equation = 0 + ½ L * w + 5/6 L * W2 – LTSin30 = 0 o Plug and then solve for two other unknowns which would be the PX and the Py
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Unformatted text preview: values o Px tcos30 = 0 o Py + tsin30 w1 w2 = 0-Equations of Equilibrium o 1) 2 force equations o One torque equation o 2) one force equation(components along some axis) o 3) Three torque equations( torques about 3 different pivots)...
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