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20-09-10 - Since v is perpendicular to r A is perpendicular...

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Monday, September-20-10 - Tutorial in bsb-121 this week! o Uniform circular motion o Tangential and radical components of a o Relative velocity and acceleration Suggested problems: chapter 4 Problems 29,31,33,37,43 o Uniform Circular Motion Uniform means constant speed Velocity changes Acceleration: find V by subtracting vectors Velocity and displacement vectors contain the same delta theta. V is perpendicular to r A = v 2 /r
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Unformatted text preview: Since v is perpendicular to r A is perpendicular to v So a is towards the centre of the circle(“centripetal”) o In general, direction and speed both change V has components parallel and perpendicular to motion and a = delta v / delta T Radial is a component is due to the change in direction Tangential component is equal to the rate of change of speed-Bicycle and wasp question o...
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