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Monday, September-27-10 - Newton’s Laws(III) o More friction o Blocks on ramps and other 2-d Problems - Serway and Jewtt 5.7, 5.8 - Chapter 5, 21,35,43,47,48,63 o Friction U s static friction U k kinetic friction - Coulomb’s rules are: o Static friction f <= mu x n o Kinetic friction f = mu x n - Question about two books with different masses o The bigger book has more friction o They both have the same acceleration o The acceleration is the frictional force divided by mass and due to this
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Unformatted text preview: they maintain the same speed, because of newtons second law. Forces are different.-equilibrium o the vector sum of forces acting on a body in equilibrium is zero o this is equivalent to three independent component equations therefore we can solve for three unknowns o Answer to quiz about block on ramp with friction is c)...
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