Ethics Chapter 7

Ethics Chapter 7 - Isa Gallashaw October 9th 2010...

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Isa Gallashaw October 9 th 2010 DesJardins Chapter 7: Employee Responsibilities Word Count: 734 Employees play a role within their organization and have responsibilities that they take on when hired. The responsibilities vary and depend on the level of that employee. A manager may be viewed differently than an employee who has no supervisor duties and a manager may have a different responsibility than that of an executive officer. The roles and responsibilities of employees may not be written out in an agreement but there is an understanding of what an employee should and should not do. Within a job position some procedures are agreed on but there are other rules that should be common sense. Employees have a certain power within a company to act within the best interest of all stakeholders that the decisions of the organization impact. An employee can decide to do something within their company that can have an effect on others. It is important that employees act within the scope of their position and adhere to their superiors to an extent. Employees have a responsibility to act ethically regardless of
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Ethics Chapter 7 - Isa Gallashaw October 9th 2010...

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