CHAPTER 28 - Chapter28 1 Theamountof_ a b c d ANSWER:c cy

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Chapter 28 Unemployment and Its Natural Rate 1. The amount of __________increases when the economy goes into a recession and decreases when the  economy goes into an expansion. a. structural unemployment b. seasonal unemployment c. cyclical unemployment d. frictional unemployment ANSWER: c cyclical unemployment SECTION: INTRO OBJECTIVE: 1 2. It is difficult for cyclically unemployed persons to find jobs because a. they typically do not meet the qualifications required for the available jobs. b. the economy is in a recession. c. they voluntarily quit their last jobs and employers may view them as unreliable. d. they typically have not looked long enough to find a job. ANSWER: b the economy is in a recession. SECTION: INTRO OBJECTIVE: 1 3. The natural rate of unemployment is the economist’s notion of a. full employment. b. cyclical employment. c. structural unemployment. d. frictional unemployment. ANSWER: a full employment. SECTION: INTRO OBJECTIVE: 1 4. Yuan recently completed his college degree and is entering the labor market for the first time. He has been  submitting applications and has been interviewed twice in the last two weeks, but so far has not found a job.  Yuan could be classified as a. frictionally unemployed. b. seasonally unemployed. c. structurally unemployed. d. cyclically unemployed. ANSWER: a frictionally unemployed. SECTION: 1 OBJECTIVE: 1 165
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166 Chapter 28/Unemployment and Its Natural Rate 5. Providing training for unemployed individuals will help to alleviate a. frictional unemployment. b. seasonal unemployment. c. structural unemployment. d. cyclical unemployment. ANSWER: c structural unemployment. SECTION: 1 OBJECTIVE: 1 6. According to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found here, the labor force totals Number of workers employed 8,400 Frictional unemployment 250 Structural unemployment 350 Cyclical unemployment  600 Discouraged workers 400 Adult population 12,000 a. 7,550. b. 8,000. c. 8,400. d. 9,600 ANSWER: d 9,600. SECTION: 1 OBJECTIVE: 1 7. According to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found here, the unemployment rate is a. 12.5 percent. b. 15 percent. c. 16 percent. d.
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CHAPTER 28 - Chapter28 1 Theamountof_ a b c d ANSWER:c cy

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