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Problem 1-4B Name: Section: Enter the appropriate amount or item in the shaded cells. Place a plus sign or minus sign in the small box beside the amount. N Rows (a) and (b) have been completed as an example. An asterisk (*) will appear next to an incorrect amount in the outlined ce 1. Assets = Liabilities + Owner's E Accounts Capital Sales Ofc. Salaries Cash + Supplies = Payable + Stock - Dividends + Comm. - Expense - a. + 30,000 + 30,000 b. - 2,200 - Bal. 27,800 30,000 c. Bal. d. Bal. e. Bal. f. Bal. g. Bal. h. Bal. i. Bal.
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Not all shaded cells require answers.
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Unformatted text preview: ells. quity Rent Auto Supplies Misc. Expense-Expense-Expense-Expense 2,200-2,200 Problem 1-4B (cont'd) Name: Section: 2. UPTOWN REALTY Income Statement Expenses: Total expenses Net income UPTOWN REALTY Retained Earnings Statement Retained earnings, April 1, 2008 Retained earnings, April 30, 2008 UPTOWN REALTY Balance Sheet Assets Liabilit Stockholder Total stockholders' equity Total assets Total liabilities and stockholders...
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01-4B_9e - ells quity Rent Auto Supplies Misc...

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