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IT 371 “The Goal” Question Sheet Study Guide Dr. B Answer the questions to the Quality Parts Company Case on page 243 in the book. Do not submit using the digital blackboard. Provide a hard copy in class on the 1st. I have also posted a Goal Test study guide that you can use to prepare but don't have to turn in answers. Try to limit your answers to about 50 words max. The key to a good answer is using specific examples from the book (The Goal) and describing them in your own words. 1. What in your estimation, are the main requirements needed for an organization to provide an atmosphere of ongoing improvement? Are their any suggestions in the Goal? Discuss them. 2. List some of the “cause and effect” relationships that were discovered in the goal. 3. Why does the author claim, that the accounting method called “cost accounting is enemy number one of productivity”? 4. What do you think about Rogo and his management style? What are his strong and weak points in your opinion? What would you do differently?
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