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GETTING STARTED WITH TEXTPAD (updated: 12/27/09) OBTAINING AND INSTALLING TEXTPAD FOR YOUR HOME PC: Since TextPad is installed in the lab, obtaining it for your home PC is recommended, but not required. TextPad is a simple no-frills tool that allows you to enter, compile, and run programs. The programs can be written in one of many different languages. In order to make a particular language work in TextPad, the language's compiler must be installed. The compiler installation is separate from TextPad's installation. To install Sun's Java compiler, go to this Web site: http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads On that Web site, you'll see various options for downloading Sun's Java Standard Edition (SE) software. Feel free to read about all the download options and download the ones you want, but the only one you'll really need is the JDK 6 Update 17 option (JDK stands for Java Development Kit, 6 is the current version, and 17 refers to the 17 th update). Click the JDK 6 Update 17 link. Using the Web site's prompts as a guide, you might have to follow a series of instructions and links in order to find the link for the “jdk-6u17” file. Click on that link and save the file by downloading it to your computer. After the download completes, install the JDK as directed by the Web site's documentation. Important: You must install the Java compiler before installing TextPad. By installing in that order, the compiler commands will be automatically added to the TextPad Tools menu the first time TextPad is run on your PC. To obtain TextPad, go to this Web site and follow the download instructions: http://www.textpad.com/ After the download is done, use Windows Explorer to find the downloaded file. Double click the file and follow the installation instructions. Later on, when you’re working through the steps in this tutorial, if you can’t find TextPad's Compile and Run commands in the Tools / External Tools menu, then you probably either forgot to install Sun’s JDK or you installed TextPad before you installed Sun’s JDK. If you installed TextPad before you installed Sun’s JDK, then TextPad won’t detect the JDK's presence, and it won’t add the JDK to its Tools area. To correct this problem, try manually adding the JDK tools to TextPad by doing this from within TextPad: Configure → Preferences → Tools → Add → JDK Commands If that doesn’t work, read TextPad's FAQ (frequently asked questions) page at http://www.textpad.com/support/faq/java.html . In going through the FAQ, you may find that you have to reinstall TextPad. Prior to reinstalling, make sure that you remove TextPad completely from your computer. If reinstalling TextPad doesn’t work, try removing both the JDK and TextPad and then reinstalling both the JDK and TextPad, in that order. SAVING FILES:
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textPadTutorial - GETTING STARTED WITH TEXTPAD (updated:...

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