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Reading 1300 Research Assignment Due Date: ____________________________ Purpose: This assignment will introduce you to elements of research and MLA citation. Background: By now you have read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. You are familiar with the points that Gladwell poses in his text that relate to success, intelligence, opportunity, cultural legacies and more. Gladwell has also provided many examples of Outliers and what led to their success. Assignment: You will need to select a person from history that is considered an Outlier. You are free to use any example Gladwell has chosen to use in his text, or you may choose a successful historical figure of your own. After you have chosen your Outlier you will need to pose a research question in order to guide
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Unformatted text preview: your research. For example, if the historical figure I chose is John Nash, I would form a question about this person, so that I can effectively research him: What opportunity did John Nash gain from his intelligence or practice? Use your research question to guide your search in the library database or on Google Scholar. In other words, select articles from the databases that would answer your question. Select three to four sources that answer your question and provide an annotated bibliography. Requirements: The annotated bibliography must be in MLA format....
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