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After reading the article entitled

After reading the article entitled - wound then a doctor...

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After reading the article entitled, “Does Anyone Here Think This Baby Can Live?” I believe that the issue of the salvation of children who are born extremely prematurely and require multiple surgeries and technology, and may have a poor quality of life is pretty clear. I believe that modern technology has been advanced to answer this very question. If God had not intended for these babies to have a chance of survival then the innovation of this technology would not have surfaced. Of course there are ethical   considerations relating to the provision of intensive medical care to very low-birth weight babies such as the notion of the doctor “playing God. This theory is based on the assumption that if a child is born without the necessary developmental organs to survive outside the
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Unformatted text preview: wound, then a doctor has no right to manufacture and sustain these organs. However, based on my previous argument, I disagree. I believe that if a doctor has the ability to save life in any form then certainly this theory has no basis. Finally I can conclude that there is a fine line when making decisions on the extent of treatment that is administered to a premature baby. If the overall outlook of the child vitality is grim, then it is make belief that the child should not suffer in vain. However to just merely eliminate the use of modern technology to aid a child of low birth weight is inhumane as well....
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