Atwood Machine Lab (Repaired)

Atwood Machine Lab (Repaired) - M2 a = 1 Atwood Machine Lab...

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a = M 2 + M 1 Atwood Machine Lab ` Zabrina Maultsby Department of Natural Sciences University of Houston Downtown Introduction The purpose of this experiment was to verify the predictions of Newton’s Law F= ma for an Atwood machine, a simple machine constructed by hanging two different masses m1 and m2 from a string passing over pulleys and observing their acceleration. Newton’s Law predicts that the acceleration should be proportional to the difference between the masses and proportional to their sum, M 2 – M 1 ) g eq. (1) where g = 9.8 m/s 2 is the acceleration due to gravity. Background Newton's first law of motion states that objects at rest remain at rest unless an unbalanced force is applied. The second law of motion describes what happens if the resultant force is different from zero. If the acceleration is constant, the body is said to be moving with uniformly accelerated motion. The Atwood machine consists of two weights connected by a light, flexible string which passes over a light pulley. The pulley should be nearly frictionless. The machine is used to measure the acceleration produced by arbitrarily chosen force acting on a given mass. Using F = ma, the acceleration can be determined.
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Figure (1) free body diagram of the Atwood machine setup Equipment List 1. Cart and track 2. Smart pulley 3. Weights, string, hanging weight holder 4. Computer interface (ULI, or equivalent) Procedure 1. Turn on the black computer interface box first, and then turn on the computer and login. 2. Double click on the Atwood experiment icon. 3.
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Atwood Machine Lab (Repaired) - M2 a = 1 Atwood Machine Lab...

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