BIOLOGY 1302 S10 Syllabus - BIOLOGY 1302; CRN 20037...

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BIOLOGY 1302; CRN 20037 Spring 2010 INSTRUCTOR: DR. BARRY SULLENDER OFFICE N821 OFFICE HOURS: TTh 9-10, T 11:30 – 12:15, PHONE: 713-226-5561 TW 4-5 and by appointment CLASS TIME: TR 10:00-11:15 EMAIL: CLASS CREDIT: 3 CREDIT HRS. BIOLOGY 1302 GENERAL BIOLOGY II CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Continuation of General Biology I. Topics include digestion, nervous and hormonal control, gas exchange, excretion, homeostasis, reproduction and development, animal behavior, evolution, and the ecology of biological communities COURSE PRE-REQUISITES: BIOL 1101, 1301 and credit or enrollment in BIOL 1102. COURSE OBJECTIVES : Students should Understand evolution and the central role it plays in biology Learn the basic mechanisms of evolution and why natural selection is prominent among these Understand the concepts of phylogeny and systematics Know the various groups of animal phyla studied and their characteristics Develop a working knowledge of the various organ systems studied Have a general understanding of the ecological concepts presented LEARNING OUTCOMES: Student mastery of course materials will be assessed solely via class assingnments and examinations NO EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE GIVEN! REQUIRED TEXT: Campbell & Reece, Biology . 8 th ed., Benjamin Cummings Publisher. SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURSES: There are computer programs, videos, and CD’s in the Science Learning Center (SLC) in 604N which are available for student use (they are primarily topical in nature), the W.I. Dykes Library (5 th floor) contains other biology texts and scientific journals, the textbook Study Guide, the CD that came with your textbook and the website of the publisher of your textbook . One reason we selected this textbook
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BIOLOGY 1302 S10 Syllabus - BIOLOGY 1302; CRN 20037...

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