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CIRQUE DU FREAK - Cwas action packed and thrilling at the...

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as the best book I’ve ever read. Also it was action packed and thrilling at the same tim , like having to make a life changing experience and not believing in something. CIRQUE DU FREAK
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SUMMARY Darren Shan was a boy in middle school, he had a best friend named Steve .Steve is very unusual, he likes comic books about vampires he reads about vampires he loves vampires. One day when Darren was in Steve’s room he even said he wanted to become a vampire. One day him and Steve walked across a ticket for cirque du freak .Darren wanted to go ,but his mom said no, so that night he snook out.Steve and Darren went to the freak show they saw performances by, Hans Hands a spider, Gertha teeth,the Wolfman and Rhamus Twobellies .He found a strange suspicion for the announcer /performer Mr Creepsley .So, at the end of the show he sneaks back stage. Creeping around and Mr creepsely popped out of nowhere and asked him what was he doing snooping around, he said I was going to ask you what are you. He looked at Darren and said what do you think ,he stared at Mr
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