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Gender Studies Study Guide

Gender Studies Study Guide - Gender Studies Study Guide 1...

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Gender Studies Study Guide 1. Right to Life vs. Pro Choice a. Right to life i. Support for the legal banning of abortion – human embryos and fetuses are people and have the right to live ii. Believe life should be values from fertilization to death iii. They also oppose birth control that would prevent the implantation of the embryo iv. Abortion should only be legal in situations where the mother’s life is in danger and in the cases or rape or incest v. Also, if the woman is forced to conceive through an immoral or illegal act, she has the right to terminate the pregnancy vi. Abortion should be illegal because the life of the unborn is more important than the life of the mother b. Pro-Choice i. The political and ethical view that a woman should have control over her fertility and choice to continue or terminate a pregnancy ii. Individual liberty, reproductive freedom and reproductive rights iii. In a philosophical view, an embryo has no rights because it is only a potential act and not an actual person therefore it should not have rights that override that of the pregnant woman until it is viable 2. Moral Absolutivism vs. Moral Relativism a. Moral Absolutism i. The view that certain actions are absolutely right or wrong regardless of the overall context of the act ii. Eg. Lying is always immoral even if it is done to bring about something good b. Moral Relativism i. The position that moral or ethical propositions do not reflect universal truths (neither objective or subjective) ii. Makes claims to relative, social, culture or historical circumstances iii. No universal standard exists by which to assess an ethical proposition’s truth iv. No absolute concrete rights and wrongs – judgments differ for each perception of an ethical outlook 3. Viability a. To be capable of independent life and have the capacity to grow and develop 4. Triad of Violence a. Violence Against Woman i. Refers to instances of rape conducted by male athletes
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ii. It is claimed that the majority of male athletes do not participate in violence against women iii. An expression of masculinity through sexual aggression iv. Eg. Duke University lacrosse team – a girl accused three members of the team for raping her - thought of as a hate crime – later found out she was incorrect b. Violence Against Other Men i. Sports encourages athletes to be rough against opponents ii. Suppressing empathy as a form of masculinity iii. Why 1. Connection with Other People a. When uncles or dads taught them how to throw a football b. Joining groups to feel a part of a family (connection) with other men through sports) 2. Respect 3. Conditional Self Worth a. Self worth sports give you if you are really good and can continue to be good 4. Suppression of Empathy a. Must realize that someone is going to get hurt and its better that its someone else than them b. Men should not have empathy for other men iv. Eg. Hazing c. Violence Against Themselves i. Idea of athletes being tough and being able to play through pain ii.
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Gender Studies Study Guide - Gender Studies Study Guide 1...

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