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Fair game sheet Midterm 1 HP 200

Fair game sheet Midterm 1 HP 200 - Fair Game Sheet Midterm...

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Fair Game Sheet Midterm HP 200 “If it’s not on this sheet, it’s not on the test” Leventhal 1. Definitions of health 2. Health as multidimensional 3. Health as dynamic 4. Health as being a state of wellbeing, not just the absence of disease 5. Categorical vs. continuous conceptualizations of health 6. Disease Prevention 7. Health Promotion 8. Definition of HPDP 9. Academic vs. applied component of HPDP 10. HPDP interventions 11. Health education 12. Environmental HPDP programs 13. Epidemiology 14. Population 15. Why having up-to-date epidemiological data is important 16. Death rate 17. Endemic 18. Epidemic 19. Pandemic 20. Life expectancy 21. Health field concept 22. Primary vs. secondary vs. tertiary prevention 23. Risk factors 24. Categories of risk factors 25. Risk factors and causal influences on disease 26. Modifiable vs. non-modifiable risk factors 27. Communicable vs. noncommunicable diseases 28. Chain of infection model 29. Multicausation disease model 30. HPDP as a science-driven field
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