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Fair_Game_HP_Study_Guide - Fair Game HP Study Guide#s 65-81...

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Fair Game HP Study Guide #’s 65-81 65. Philosophy of Symmetry: health has physical, emotional, spiritual, social components, each is just as important as the last 66. Holistic Philosophy: every part of your body is connected 67. Humanism: characterized by a concern for humanity, promotes the basic premise of the worth of human life and the ability of individuals to achieve self fulfillment 68. Freeing/Functioning Philosophy: ultimate goal of freeing people to make the best health decisions possible based on their needs and interests, not necessarily the interests of society 69. Eclectic Health Education Philosophy: health educators are adaptable and resourceful, and they will use any health education approach that seems appropriate to the situation 70. Theory: a way to predict/explain complex outcomes using simpler ideas and rules 71. Model: a “smaller” theory 72. Three Factor Theory of the Determinants of Disease: there are three causes of disease; genetics,
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