HP - 1-4. Environmental conditions What does health mean?...

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Behavioral Choices genetics Social Circumstances Medical Care Environmental conditions 1-4. What does health mean? 1. Absence of disease 2. A state of mental, physical, and social well being, not merely the absence of disease 3. A functional state which makes possible the achievements of other goals and activities 4. A dynamic state that is multidimensional (physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, and occupational), which creates a resource for living and is the result of the interactions with and adaptations to the environment. 5. Categorical: health status can be adequately defined by grouping people into 2 categories: healthy/ill Continuous: people’s health status should be quantified as a certain level on a continuum. 6. Disease Prevention: designed to keep people from sliding towards the unhealthy end on the continuum 7. HP: designed to push towards healthier levels on the continuum. 8. HPDP: The study of the determinants of health and disease AND the STUDY and IMPLEMENTATION of programs to promote health and prevent disease. 9. Academic component of HPDP: consumption and production of scientific research Applied component: the implementation of HPDP programs, typically involving some aspects of health education. 10. HPDP Interventions: systematic activities designed to positively influence: 1. The health behavior of
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HP - 1-4. Environmental conditions What does health mean?...

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