Midtern #2 SG

Midtern #2 SG - 1 Chronic disease a Disease that persists...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Chronic disease a. Disease that persists for at least 3 months b. Generally cannot be prevented by vaccine or completely cured by medication c. Increase in prevalence with increasing age d. Health damaging behavior = major determinants of leading chronic disease 2. Most common & fatal chronic diseases a. Three most common disease: i. Heart disease ii. Cancer iii. Stroke iv. Diabetes 3. Heart disease in the US: causes, consequences, risk factors, prevention, demographic & regional differences a. Heart disease = any condition that affects the heart i. Most common form heart attack b. Cause = coronary artery disease heart attack i. Coronary heart disease = causes atherosclerosis of arteries which feed the heart ii. Atherosclerosis = clogging or narrowing of arteries due to cholesterol & fat deposits iii. Clots of excessive clogging restricted blood flow iv. Death of heart t issue = heart attack v. Too much fried chicken c. Consequences : i. Death ii. Heart irregularit ies iii. Depression d. Demographic & regional differences = i. Higher among blacks than whites ii. Higher among men than women e. Risk Factors: i. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, tobacco use, diabetes, physical inactivity, poor nut rit ion f. Demographic & regional differences: i. Most common cause of death in US ii. 29% of all deaths in US g. Prevention of heart attacks...
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Midtern #2 SG - 1 Chronic disease a Disease that persists...

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