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Lecture Sylabus Fall 2008 - RUTGERS UNIVERSITY The State...

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RUTGERS UNIVERSITY The State University of New Jersey School of Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 14:332:361 ELECTRONIC DEVICES Fall 2008 This course introduces the structures, physical operations, and circuit applications of basic semiconductor devices. It provides students a base for further studying analog and digital electronics, develops the ability to analyze and design circuits. The course is supplemented with computer-aided design projects using PSPICE and by experiments (EE 363: Electronics Lab). INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Y. Lu, Room 217 and 128, EE Building, Phone: 732-445-3466 EMAIL: [email protected] CLASS TIME/ROOM: MW4, SEC 118 TEXT BOOK: A.S. Sedra and K.C. Smith, "Microelectronic Circuits" (5th Ed.) Oxford University Publishing, 2005. SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS: (1) Electronics Lab Manual Y. Lu 2008 (2) SPICE Simulation Manual Y. Lu 2008 (3) CD-ROM, "Microelectronics Circuits", Oberon Interactive, Inc. (4) WEB-SITE: http://www.sedrasmith.org/ PREREQUISITES: EE 221, 222 CLASS WEB SITE: http://sakai.rutgers.edu TOPICS: Chapter 1 Introduction
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