BAD 3513 Review Sheet for Midterm - Fall 2010

BAD 3513 Review Sheet for Midterm - Fall 2010 - KEY...

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LOW HIGH Avoiding : a party chooses not to deal with the conflict LOW Forcing: One Party imposes its values upon the other Accommodation: One party adopts the ethic of the other. KEY FACTORS: - Moral Significance is characterized by values that are central to an individual, company, or society. -Power : The decision maker’s ability to influence the outcome of a conflict. -Urgency : Reflects the need for immediate action and can range from highly urgent to not at all urgent. Collaboration: Both Parties dialog to reach a mutually satisfying situation. ( Education ): One party uses information to persuade others. HIGH Negotiation: both parties give up sth to reach a settlement. Application of the home country Standard Application of the host country Standard Review Sheet for the Midterm exam - International Business Globalization and International Business 1. What are the factors contributing to globalism? (describe them) 1- Information Technology : 58 countries with the highest internet Penetration (e-commerce); this talk about the accessibility of the internet. 2- More Players : (How many players are in the market?) some are dynamic, great players and others are dynamic small players. BRIC, BABY TIGERS, FOUT TIGERS, TRIAD, ETC. 3 - Free trade areas and the WTO : WTO; replaced the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (GATT); started in 1947, worldwide tariffs averaged 45%; they now average 5%. WTO is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. 153 countries (95% of world trade) – a multilateral trade agreement that gives MFN status to all member nations. This was basically created to Eliminate trade Barriers; countries had to be approved. 4- Global Products/Customers : Tastes and preferences converge onto a global norm, also firms offer standardized products worldwide. 5- Growing Trade and Investment : Over the past 20 years the volume of international trade and investment has expanded from $200 billion to 6.3 trillion 6- Privatization in developed, transition, and developing economies : in 2004-2005 global privatization had a total value of $90 billion in transaction value (in 400 transaction) (in 1990 the amount was $30 billion); banking and telecommunications are the main fields; leading in the privatization efforts are Europe and East Asia (80%). 7- New Emerging Competitors : Global Trade new competitors (technology is transferred to new countries who, in turn, become new competitors) 8- Global Standards : ISO 9000 technical standards adopted by International Organization for Standardization (ISO in Geneva); Metric System. 9- Emergence of Multinational (MNCs) and Transnational Corporations (TNCs) : MNE (Is a Company that takes a global approach to global production and markets; MNC (often used as a synonym for MNE); TNC (an organization in which capabilities and strategies may differ by country but are developed and integrated into its worldwide operations (responsiveness vs. integration); Fortune 500
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BAD 3513 Review Sheet for Midterm - Fall 2010 - KEY...

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