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The feedback I received from the Center for Writing Excellence was that I needed to reword various sentences to remove a passive voice, or many other grammatical errors. Feedback that was received from my instructor explained that I needed to review the APA guidelines for citation to qualify for points in my essay. The feedback that I received from my peer review was exceptionally helpful because the student had explained subtopics where I could expand and include more information to complete my essay. The peer review gave me great constructive criticism to help with areas that need more definition and areas where I don’t need any change.
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Unformatted text preview: The feedback I will incorporate is the information about APA citations and also fixing grammatical errors and removing the use of passive voice. I will also incorporate the feedback from my peer review about expanding in certain areas of subtopics. The feedback I will probably not incorporate is some of what was given in my peer review. The request of expanding on one topic that had absolutely nothing to do with my essay is one that I will likely not adhere. I will consider looking into a place for it, but if it decreases the strength of my paper, then I will not include this information....
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