Bowman Final Project - Race and Your Community April Bowman...

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Race and Your Community April Bowman ETH/125 8.22.2010 Maria Watts
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My nationality is English and French, although, I only speak the English language and know nothing of French. In my community, we have a diverse range of races ranging from Colville Indians, to Hispanics, to, recently, Jamaicans. I live in the North Eastern part of Washington State that is home to the Colville Indian tribe and we also have a large amount of fruit growers that hire Mexicans on work visas to pack the fruit for shipment. There are many people in my community that are Caucasian like me, however, it seems to also depend on which town or city you live in to determine if white is the minority. There is a small town called Bridgeport on the outskirts of a major orchard town that is called Mini- Mexico by locals because of the large amount of Mexicans that inhabit that area. In Bridgeport, the white race is the minority because there may only be five or six Caucasian families that live there compared to the 20-25 families that are of Hispanic nationality. Honestly, I am not aware of the views of leaders and politicians in my community and how their views are of the Native Americans and Hispanics that live in my area. However, there was recently an issue with one of the main orchard companies that smuggled in dozens of illegal Mexicans for work and it resulted as a serious problem because unknowingly, this company smuggled in a violent gang that terrorized the major orchard town until authorities caught them and sent them back. This company was
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Bowman Final Project - Race and Your Community April Bowman...

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