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The difference between Muslims and Arabs is that Islam (Muslims) is a religion and Arabs is a race or ethnicity. Islam is the Muslim religion that uses a Quran for daily biblical use and dedicated Muslims pray five times a day. Arab is an ethnicity and race with the people’s own separate history and background. Orientalism is the historic study from the Western Hemisphere on the Eastern Hemisphere civilization. Orientalism is also a racist term used by the colonization of the West to describe Eastern countries as barbaric and not civilized. Prejudice and Orientalism can contribute as hate crimes against
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Unformatted text preview: these groups because of the western view that this culture is not as civilized and normal as any country in the Western Hemisphere. I believe that as individuals, to fight against prejudice and racism, we need to remember that race and gender are just words and should not define a person. And as a town or even a country, we should celebrate differences between everyone and work towards understanding why we are different. The next generation of children should be taught to understand before judging prejudice can slowly reverse through each country....
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