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The article I read has to do with Senator John McCain launching a “broad based attack” on Indian gaming regulations. This legislation has to do with gaming laws dealing with Native American’s Casino gaming commission. The federal ties with the Native American’s gaming commission are Senator John McCain and his appeal that the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) has not been doing their jobs to protect against fraud. The NIGC was proceeding through a 90 minute meeting and at the last 15 minutes of the meeting Senator John McCain interrupted it by instigating that the NIGC has been spending too much from the yearly budget and not enough to prevent fraud. Although I am sure the article is a bit
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Unformatted text preview: biased towards the NIGC because it is a National Indian website, it did seem that the Senator was personally attacking the Gaming Commission by appealing that the NIGC does not have a grasp of the integrity of the Class III gaming. At the end of Senator McCain’s ranting against the counsel, the new Chair stated that if Senator McCain wanted to reopen the case against the gaming commission, then they would gladly do so. The Chairman was thoroughly sincere on his promises to prove to Senator McCain that the gaming laws in place are there to prevent fraud and if there are any “loopholes”, then they will fix them....
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