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Bowman week 9 checkpoint - Spanish to reach the Hispanic...

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The information I have learned about race and ethnicity in the United States has helped me understand the Hispanic culture better. I have relatives that are of Hispanic heritage and as I was growing up, my parents never taught me to judge others because of their skin color or background. With the information from this course, I have understood and recognized the differences between different nationalities of Hispanics in the United States and have seen that even though they have a different skin color, it does not mean they are any less of an American than me. I don’t think I have learned anything new or more about my cultural history because my background is made up of English and French. However, I did learn a more understanding of Hispanic Americans and their cultural differences. There is so much diversity in the United States and it is starting to become commercialized. In one of the videos for a discussion question, the narrator explained that companies are advertising in
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Unformatted text preview: Spanish to reach the Hispanic American community for sales; and why shouldn’t they? This country is growing in diversity, and in certain areas one nationality will be bigger than others. For example, you could find more Hispanics in Arizona, Texas, and California, and you could find Asian American’s in New York and Washington. For the face of the United States in 2050, I see more bilingual advertisement, and maybe even more Americans becoming bilingual. To help better American citizens to prepare for the quick changes in cultural and race diversity, we should work towards positive ways of understanding a cultural and race instead of judging. The truth is that every day more and more immigrants are becoming United States citizens and each individual comes with a history and background that is rich in value and culture. So to make the transition easier we should look to what they can teach us about their history, and what we can teach them as well....
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