Defining race and ethnicity

Defining race and ethnicity - multitude of different races...

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Race and ethnicity mean a lot to me because race defines a color and ethnicity is a culture of a person or country. Race is not a definition for stereotypes because of every person on this planet has a different skin color and color or race doesn’t make a person, it is that person’s actions that make them who they are. With ethnicity, it makes up the background and history of a person or culture. Everyone has a culture and history; whether it is from their religion or belief system, it is what defines how they are raised and partially how they grow and live. The concepts presented are important in the United States society because this country was created by a
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Unformatted text preview: multitude of different races and cultures. The United States consist of varied languages, religions and races from around the world. The reason so many races and cultures of people come to the United States for freedom from oppression and poverty. Those people also come to this country looking for a place to call home, or to give their children a chance to live the American Dream. The main point is, race and ethnicity arent definitions for us to live by, because we are all the same, in and out....
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