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modern challenges in immigration - preference over any...

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The United States government should not make any special policy on which immigrants of different countries are allowed in. When looking at all the required steps for naturalization and becoming a United States citizen, there is a lot of work and memorization that’s involved. To become a United States citizen when immigrating, there is an extensive test of a person’s knowledge of our country’s history and a hefty fee just to take the test. When it comes to citizenship preference, I don’t agree with selecting an immigrant based on the financial status. Albeit, the richer immigrants can offer more for our economy, naturalization shouldn’t be based off of a person’s financial status. If a person has the IQ of Albert Einstein doesn’t mean that should have
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Unformatted text preview: preference over any other immigrant. Every country has a group or individual that is needier, richer, or more special, even the United States. If someone from this country was trying to get naturalization for another country, it’s very likely that country wouldn’t grant citizenship based on their status. No one application from any country should deserve priority for citizenship. If a group or individual wants to apply for naturalization to the United States and later they open a business that employs others, this would benefit jobs and the economy. And this solution could come from any country, so no, no country should get priority....
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