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MAT 157-CheckPoint Template Student Name: Week #: Week 4 Instructions: For each assigned problem type in the page number, problem number, and complete solution, showing all work for each problem (using either MathType or Equation Editor recommended) in order to receive credit. One problem in each row, please. Save as a Word file and post to your Individual Forum as an ATTACHMENT. Page # Prob # Complete Solution 584 2 a.) b.) c.) QP and VU d.) e.) Plane RTSU and Plane PQXRS f.) g.) P.Q.,R h.) QXR; VYU 585 10 12 14 DKLJ trapezoid; DFMK rectangle; DELK square 20 True, Since any line is contained in an infinite number of planes and since collinear points are on same line, collinear points are coplanar. 26 True; because to be classified as a right triangle one angle must be a 90 angle, the angle of an obtuse extends past 90 32 No; if the line is part of a cube the three points can be contained in more than one plane. 599 2 The centroid is the point at which the medians of a triangle intersect. It is the center of gravity of a triangular model 8 If the median is equal to 36 units than the centroid units,
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and 12 units from the midpoint of the side of the triangle opposite the vertex. 12 Since there are two vertices of degree 3, an odd degree, the trails can be traversed by starting at one vertex of odd degree and finishing at the other vertex of odd degree. 601 34 No, it is not a transversable. You cannot start on any vertex and only cross each bridge one time returning to the vertex you started on. 613 2 2. a. 52 ° , vertical angles are congruent. b, c. 128 ° , supplementary angles sum to 180. d. 52
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Mat-157Week 4-1 - MAT 157-CheckPoint Template Student Name:...

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