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Student Profile - Student Profile 1 Student Profile Axia...

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Student Profile 1 Student Profile Axia College October 18, 2009
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Student Profile 2 Student Profile Alice is a five year old girl who has just started school and will hopefully be entering into Kindergarten. Her ability is the average range. She has very high scores in drawing, coloring and expressing herself. Her achievement test score in speech show that she is about two to three years behind in her speech development. She insists on mumbling and pointing instead of trying to use her words. Alice completely refuses to talk although she seems to understand everything that is being told to her in English. The household she lives in speaks Spanish and English. She seems to be confused as to what she should say but she does follow directions step by step as they are explained to her. Alice is showing that she has difficulty making correct sounds, constructing words, and even putting words in the correct context. Additionally a doctor's checkup shows that she has a tide tongue and that could be part of the language disorder she is experiencing. Alice's parents show every interest to make sure that she improves and learns the classroom curriculum. They are willing to try a program at home so that they will be able to help her with her education at home. Alice shows several strengths. Her strengths are but not limited to: following directions by putting attention into detail very well. She listens and stays still while directions and instructions are being conveyed. She likes to color and draw pictures. When Alice is put in a room with other five year old children she is really friendly, compassionate and caring. She likes to play and be around other children her age.
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