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L. Dayle Yeager, Professor Industrial Engineering and Technology 595 Research 1 Adding Value to a Research Proposal Purpose: The objective of this document is to provide some insight as to how an investigator may add value to a research proposal. For most part, this material has been written in an anticipatory fashion of what may be expected when a research assignment has been perused for the first time. Rationale for these comments stem from practices reflected in prior assessed research proposals; consequently, some or all of these comments may not be applicable to a particular research project. General Comments: These observations only are intended to alert students about certain strengths and weaknesses typically found in initial copies of research proposals. Most comments address: (1) selecting a research topic, (2) addressing various formatting practices, and (3) following performance specifications. No comment is intended to be argumentative. 1. When the title of a research document has been initially given, avoid redundant or monotonous beginnings by stating the title in whole or in part in the introductory lines of the narrative. a. Unacceptable : This research, which is entitled “Determining the economic rationale for establishing tolerances levels in the manufacture of widgets” is designed to …” b. Acceptable : This research’s purpose is to establish …” 2. The correct spelling for questionnaire is questionnaire – not questionnaire (sic). Opinionaire, on the other hand, is correctly spelled “opinionaire.” 3. Maintain subject/verb agreement for “Data are … and datum is …” a. Unacceptable : “Data was available for analysis.” b. Acceptable : “Data were available for analysis.” 4. Proposals are written in the future tense. They are to be performed in the future; they have not been performed at the time that the proposal has been written. a. Unacceptable : “Analysis of variance (one-way classification) was used to analyze the data that was collected and tabulated.” b. Acceptable : “Analysis of variance (one-way classification) will be used to analyze the data that will be collected and tabulated.” 5. Even though the personal pronoun “I” is becoming accepted in various forms of technical writing, the more traditional and formal methods of research suggest third person. (All narratives written in this course shall be in 3 rd person.)
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L. Dayle Yeager, Professor Industrial Engineering and Technology 595 Research 2 a. Unacceptable : “I disregarded from the sample all human subjects weighing less than 200 pounds.” b. Acceptable
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