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MBA 713 Hinson Assignment 6-2

MBA 713 Hinson Assignment 6-2 - February 7 2010 Jamie...

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February 7, 2010 Jamie Hinson Assignment 6-2 Strategic Management Since the downsizing of Xerox, the morale of the company has drastically decreased. Even though the employees of the company realize that a change needs to be made, the morale still isn’t where it needs to be in order for the company to heal. The employees are still in the emotional stage since the downsizing of the company and it will just take time for that to heal and for the morale of the company to improve. One step in which Xerox could take in order to improve the morale of the company would be for the Human Resource Department to have recognition rewards for those employees who have high performance levels. This is one way to motivate all employees to do their job duties efficiently and successfully and in turn increase the morale of the company. However, it is truly going to be difficult for the company, Xerox, to gain both the hearts and the minds of its employees after downsizing the company.
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