MBA 713 Hinson Assignment 5-3

MBA 713 Hinson Assignment 5-3 - Date: February 3, 2010 To:...

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Date: February 3, 2010 To: Carol J. Pitman, MAOM, SPHR From: Jamie N. Hinson, BS RE: Advantage Bank: High performance workplace Advantage Bank’s, an eight hundred million dollar community bank known for its savings and mortgage loan products, main headquarters resides in a small town called Cambridge, Ohio. There are approximately twenty-eight banking offices and two hundred and ninety-two employees performing various operations throughout the Bank. Over the past five years, Advantage Bank has experienced many challenges and has been faced with many hardships, including a merger/acquisition that was scheduled and prepared for and ended up being terminated in December of 2008. During the time of the proposed merger/acquisition, the entire Corporation of Advantage Bank had a very negative morale and the employees revealed a negative outlook on their job satisfaction levels. Advantage Bank needed a major change in order to improve their reputation, the employee’s attitudes, and the entire morale of the core of the Bank. The recently added Board of Director members, Senior Management members, and the Human Resource Department have worked very hard to create ways to increase the Bank’s morale and job satisfaction for all employees. One way that Advantage Bank has enhanced employee morale and job satisfaction is by offering “employee of the quarter”. The “employee of the quarter” can be voted in by any employee throughout the Corporation and is recognized on our Advantage Net web site, which is a standard home page that all Advantage Bank employees have access to (Advantage, 2010). This is a great way to show how much employees truly feel about their co-workers. This exercise is only conducted in a positive way; therefore, no negative aspect can come from it. Another great thing about this is that employees from other banking offices, which could even be in a different state, can learn who is being recognized for their hard work and dedication to the company and to their co-workers. Another way that Advantage Bank has increased employee job satisfaction and the morale of the Corporation is by offering incentive plans for such departments that work directly with the customers. Such departments would include the Retail Department, the Loan Operations, the Deposit Operations, the Credit Administration Department, the Collection Department, and the Escrow Department. The departments that are left out of the customer service field include the Finance Department, the Accounting Department, the Human Resource Department, and the
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MBA 713 Hinson Assignment 5-3 - Date: February 3, 2010 To:...

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