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February 5, 2010 Jamie Hinson Assignment 5-2 Change: More Pain than Gain? One way that the company could have done to handle the situation more professionally would have been to tell the employee sooner than two days prior to the changes that were being made. Another thing that the company should have done was explain the reason why the company was being sold to another organization and also why a new the employee was to be appointed a new manager. This new manager might not give as much leeway and flexible decision-making decisions as the current manager does, which is why the employee feels uneasy about the situation. This uncertainty will truly impact the new working environment for the employee because he or she feels that they have to watch what they say and do until they get used to their new manager.
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Unformatted text preview: This will also cause the morale of the institution to worsen and for there to be probable cause for conflicts to arise within the department. It is true that no one truly likes things to change when they are currently working in their favor. Many employees think that if something works efficiently the way that it is then it shouldn’t need to be changed. The advantages to an organization alleviating employee existence to change would be to keep the morale of the organization as positive as possible and ease in small changes if need be. The Human Resource Department plays a huge role in assisting employees’ acceptance and adaptability to change by keeping employees calm by keeping employees informed of the different happenings and by doing different things to increase the morale of the company....
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