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MBA 713 Hinson Assignment 2-2

MBA 713 Hinson Assignment 2-2 - Date To Carol J Pitman MAOM...

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Date: January 10, 2010 To: Carol J. Pitman, MAOM, SPHR From: Jamie N. Hinson, BS RE: Advantage Bank’s HRM functions Advantage Bank is an eight hundred million dollar thrift bank that is popular within its community and its success has derived from its competitive savings and mortgage lending rates. Its headquarters located in a small town known as Cambridge, Ohio, also covering various cities in Ohio including: Washington Court House, Marietta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Byesville, Dover, and New Philadelphia. Advantage Bank also covers various areas of West Virginia and Kentucky. With this wide span of coverage, it is difficult to fathom that there are only approximately two hundred and fifty employees servicing this corporation. Even more importantly, there are only two full time and two part time Human Resource Department employees servicing the entire organization. Human Resource Management influences perspectives of the balanced scorecard by focusing all employee activities to the company’s strategic plan, and by measuring the extent to which the company is meeting its strategic plan. Since the balanced scorecard is determined by the work force of the company’s employees, the Human Resource Department carefully selects its employees through a careful process, making sure to choose the “best” candidate for the job at hand. It is also the responsibility of Human Resource Management to provide practices, such as workshops, to enhance the knowledge and skill of the company’s employees. With such a diverse work force in today’s business world, it is important for all employees to be selected for their proper positions within the organization, (Franklin, 2010). The functions of Advantage Bank’s Human Resource Management are used in many ways to support the goals enlisted in the company’s strategic plan. Some of the company’s goals within its strategic plan include: reaching the budget goals in place for the 2010 fiscal year, ridding of as many bad assets as possible, cleaning up more than half of the Bank’s credit quality issues (which now totals at approximately sixty million dollars), adding approximately one hundred and forty million dollars in non-interest bearing depository accounts, etc. Each of these goals is to be completed while keeping departmental expenses as low as possible, which includes employees working extra hard and longer hours due to the fact that almost each and every department is short-staffed.
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