Ideological Design

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Ideological Design S p r i n g 2 0 0 2 Shannon Mattern 212.989.7976 Office Hours: Im available on Tuesdays from 2-3, Wednesdays from 2-3, and Thursdays from 1-2but because I have no office space to call my own, Im not localized in any one place. Therefore, I ask that you please inform me in advanceeither by email (24 hours in advance) or before or after classif youd like to set a time and place to meet. The designed environment is a social text. Encoded or writtenor built, wired, or woveninto our buildings and furniture and appliances and clothing are the ideas and values of the culture that created them. Contemporary American architects, landscapers, and industrial designers are in the process of creating our material historya history to be read decades, even centuries, from now and taken as an indication of what we, in early 21st- century America, did and thought about and valued. In this course we will examine our material landscape and the physical objects within that landscape as texts , as objects imbued with ideology. We will begin by looking at various theories of ideology and considering how designs might carry particular ideologies. Then, for the remainder of the course, we will examine various classes of environments and objects in order to read, or decode, their built-in ideologies. This course will provide you with the tools you need to critically analyze the values and ideas embodied in your material environment. Ideally, you will also come to appreciate, and learn how to talk about, the ideologicaland perhaps even ethical and moraldimensions of your own design practice. Required Texts : A course reader will be available at East Side Copy , 15 East 13 th St. If you prefer, you may ask to have the readings bound into two booklets. Course Schedule : Readings listed are those that will be discussed in class on that day. 1/28 Introductions Foundations What is ideology? What is design? Design as Rhetoric Reading (in class): Bierut, Michael, Why Graphic Designers Cant Think In Bierut, et. al., Looking Closer: Critical Writings on Graphic Design , 1994. (3 pp.) What is material culture? What is cultural geography? 2/04 Class begins at 1:00 today. Before class, you should have visited the new Prada store at 575 Broadway. Marx and Ideology Commodity Fetishism Designing the Consumer Experience Muschamp, Herbert, Forget the Shoes, Pradas New Store Stocks Ideas, New York Times , December 16, 2001. Sorkin, Michael, Riff on Rem, Architectural Record , January 2001. (2 pp.) 2 Brown, Janelle, High-concept Haute Couture, , June 25, 2001. Moyer, Michael, Tech Style, Popular Science , October 30, 2001....
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Ideological Design - 1 Ideological Design S p r i n g 2 0 0...

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