HW2-S10Soln - ME 365 Out: Thursday, January 21 2010...

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ME 365 HOMEWORK SET 2 Spring 2010 Out: Thursday, January 21 2010 Due: Thursday, January 28 2010 -1- Solve each problem on separate sets of sheets. Digital Acquisition Problem 1 (Analog Digital Conversion) Consider a unipolar 16 bit ADC with a nominal range between 0 and 10 volts. a. What is the true range of this ADC? b. What is the quantization interval Q of this ADC? c. What are V ADCMAX and V ADCMIN ? d. What is the largest code output by this ADC and what is the smallest? e. What is the nominal voltage corresponding to an output code of 30000 and what range of voltages will be coded to this nominal voltage? f. What is the maximum quantization error of this ADC? g. Calculate the integer codes for 0V, 1V, 2V, 5V and 10V inputs. h. What is the code produced by an input voltage of -5V, and what is the code output for an input of 15V and why? Solution: a. True range=nominal range -Q=10-10/2^16=9.999847412109375volts b. Q=10/2^16=1.52587890625e-4volts c. V ADCMAX =10-Q=9.999847412109375 volts; V ADCMIN =0 volts d. Largest code=2^16-1=65535; smallest code=0 e. Voltage corresponding to code of 30000=30000*Q+V ADCMIN = 4.57763671875 volts; the corresponding interval is [V-Q/2,V+Q/2]=[ 4.5775604248046875 , 4.5777130126953125 ] f. Maximum quantization error=Q/2=7.62939453125e-5 g.
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HW2-S10Soln - ME 365 Out: Thursday, January 21 2010...

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