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HW8-S10 - ME 365 HOMEWORK 8 Out Due April1 2010 Spring 2010...

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ME 365 HOMEWORK 8 Spring 2010 Out: March 25 2010 Due: April1 2010 Problem 1: The output from an accelerometer contains signals ranging from DC to around 90 Hz and some high frequency noise. You are to design a simple passive RC type low-pass filter to reduce the noise component. It is required that at 100 Hz the output signal should not be less than 85% of its input value and at 25,000 Hz the signal should be attenuated to less than 1% of its input value. Present your design by showing: (a) The frequency response function of the filter (b) The cut-off frequency (c) The frequency response (Bode) plot of the filter frequency response function. Problem 2: Shown below is an active filter. a) Using Kirchoff’s laws and golden opamp r ules, derive the frequency response function relating Vo to Vi. b) You happen to have 1 nF (10 -9 F) capacitors in stock. Chose values for the other two elements so that this filter has a cutoff frequency of 1kHz, and attenuates a 10 kHz, 2 V-peak-to-peak sine wave by a factor of 15. c)
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