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HW3_2 - so_tau = sin(2.99*tau tr_tau = de_tau so_tau%Part(c...

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%AAE340 %Song, Hwan %Hw3, #2 % clc clear all close all c tau = 4.02; Period = 2.09; P t = [0:.01:2*tau]; t0 = 0; d = -0.334.*exp(-0.25.*t); dl = 0.334.*exp(-0.25.*t); s = sin(2.99.*t); tr = d.* s; t dt = -0.334.*exp(-0.25.*t).*sin(2.99.*t); dotdt = -.0835.*exp(-0.25.*t).*sin(2.99.*t) -.334.*exp(-0.25.*t).*cos(2.99.*t); dt0 = -0.334.*exp(-0.25.*t0).*sin(2.99.*t0); dotdt0 = -.0835.*exp(-0.25.*t0).*sin(2.99.*t0) -.334.*exp(- 0.25.*t0).*cos(2.99.*t0); 0 de_tau = -0.334.*exp(-0.25.*tau)
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Unformatted text preview: so_tau = sin(2.99.*tau); tr_tau = de_tau .* so_tau %Part(c) figure(1) plot(t,d,'b', t,tr,'r',t,dl,'b') legend('Decay Envelop', 'Total Response') title('Decay Envelope, Total Response by Song, Hwan ') xlabel('Time (s)') ylabel('Position (m)') %Part(d) figure(2) plot(dt,dotdt, '-b') title('The Phase Curve by Song, Hwan') xlabel('Total Response (m)') ylabel('Derivative of Total Response (m/s)') y...
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