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%Homework #3 %Problem #4 % clc clear all close all c tau = 2.5; t = [0:.01:8.*tau]; t hpt = 0.644.*sin(t - 0.26); hct = exp(-0.4.*t).*(0.329.*sin(1.96.*t) + 3.166.*cos(1.96.*t)); ht = hpt + hct; h hdotpt = 0.644.*cos(t-0.26); hdotct = -0.4.*exp(-0.4.*t).*(0.329.*sin(1.96.*t) + 3.166.*cos(1.96.*t)) + exp(- 0.4.*t).*(0.6484.*cos(1.96.*t) - 6.20536.*sin(1.96.*t)); hdott = hdotpt + hdotct;
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Unformatted text preview: h figure(1) plot(t,hct,'r', t,hpt,'b', t,ht,'black') legend('Transient Response', 'Steady State Response', 'Total Response') title('Response Curve') xlabel('Time, (s)') ylabel('The Response, (m)') y figure(2) plot(ht,hdott,'k') title('The Phase Curve') xlabel('Total Response, (m)') ylabel('Derivative of Total Response, (m/s)')...
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