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clc close all clear all c t = [0:0.01:25]; phi = 0.1715*exp(-12*t).*sin(11.66*t); phidot=(-12*0.1715)*exp(-12*t).*sin(11.66*t) + (11.66*0.1715)*exp(- 12*t).*cos(11.66*t); phidec = 0.1715*exp(-12*t); p tau = 0.0834; t phideg = phi *180/pi; phidotdeg = phidot*180/pi;
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Unformatted text preview: phidecdeg = phidec*180/pi; p figure(1) plot(t,phideg,'k',t,0,'k') title('System Response - Song, Hwan') xlabel('time(sec)') ylabel('\phi(t) in deg') y % figure(2) % plot('t,phideg,'k',t,phidecdeg,':k',t,-phidecdeg,'-.k',tau,'...
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