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HW4_2 - p figure(3 plot(t,phi_b1 hold on plot(t,phi_b2'r...

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%Problem 2 t = [0:0.001:5.6223]; phi = 0.0018.*sin(5.32.*t); phi_dot = (5.32*0.0018).*cos(5.32.*t); p figure(1) plot(t,phi) title({'System Response by Song, Hwan'}) xlabel('Time(sec)') ylabel('Angle in deg') grid on g figure(2) plot(phi,phi_dot) title({'Phase Curve by Song, Hwan'}) xlabel('Phi (deg)') ylabel('Phi dot (deg/s)') grid on g phi_b1 = 0.0021.*exp(-2.21.*t).*sin(4.84.*t); phi_dot_b1 = (-2.21*0.0021).*exp(-2.21.*t).*sin(4.84.*t)+(4.84*0.0021).*exp(- 2.21.*t).*cos(4.84.*t); phi_b2 = 0.00071.*exp(-1.777.*t)-0.00071.*exp(-15.9309.*t); phi_dot_b2 = (-1.777*0.00071).*exp(-1.777.*t)+(-15.9309*0.00071).*exp(-15.9309.*t);
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Unformatted text preview: p figure(3) plot(t,phi_b1) hold on plot(t,phi_b2,'r') title({'System Response';'Problem 2 w/ Dashpot';'Mike Iwanicki'}) xlabel('Time (s)') ylabel('Angle (deg)') legend('b_1 = L/3','b_2 = 2L/3') grid on hold off h figure(4) plot(phi_b1,phi_dot_b1) hold on plot(phi_b2,phi_dot_b2,'r') title({'Phase Plot';'Problem 2 w/ Dashpot';'Mike Iwanicki'}) xlabel('Phi (deg)') ylabel('Phi dot (deg/s)') legend('b_1 = L/3','b_2 = 2L/3') grid on hold off...
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