Untitled - xlabel'Time(s ylabel'Phi(degrees legend'Dashpot...

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close all clear all clc c % PART C % t = [0:.01:3.51]; phi = .001861.*sin(5.375.*t); phi_deg = phi.*180./pi; p figure(1) plot(t,phi_deg); title('Phi(t)') xlabel('Time (s)') ylabel('Phi (degrees)') grid on g figure(2) phi_dot = 5.375.*.001861.*cos(5.375.*t); phi_dot_deg = phi_dot.*180./pi; plot(phi_deg,phi_dot_deg) title('Phase Plot') xlabel('Phi (degrees)') ylabel('Phi Dot (degrees/s)') grid on g % PART E % phi_b_one = -.000593.*exp(-18.433.*t)+.000593.*exp(-1.567.*t); phi_b_one_deg = phi_b_one.*180./pi; phi_b_two = -.000126.*exp(-79.637.*t)+.000126.*exp(-.363.*t); phi_b_two_deg = phi_b_two.*180./pi; p figure(3) plot(t,phi_b_one_deg) hold on plot(t,phi_b_two_deg,'r') title('Phi with Dashpot')
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Unformatted text preview: xlabel('Time (s)') ylabel('Phi (degrees)') legend('Dashpot at b_1','Dashpot at b_2') grid on hold off h phi_b_one_dot = 18.433.*.000593.*exp(-18.433.*t)-1.567.*.000593.*exp(-1.567.*t); phi_b_one_dot_deg = phi_b_one_dot.*180./pi; p phi_b_two_dot = 79.637.*.000126.*exp(-79.637.*t)-.363.*.000126.*exp(-.363.*t); phi_b_two_dot_deg = phi_b_two_dot.*180./pi; p figure(4) plot(phi_b_one_deg,phi_b_one_dot_deg) hold on plot(phi_b_two_deg,phi_b_two_dot_deg,'r') title('Phase with Dashpot') xlabel('Phi (degrees)') ylabel('Phi Dot') legend('Dashpot at b_1','Dashpot at b_2') grid on hold off...
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Untitled - xlabel'Time(s ylabel'Phi(degrees legend'Dashpot...

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