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%Problem 3 t = linspace(0,3*1.876,100); phi = -1.778.*exp(-2.466.*t)+1.778.*exp(-0.533.*t); phi_slow =1.778.*exp(-0.533.*t); phi_fast = -1.778.*exp(-2.466.*t); p figure plot(t,phi) hold on plot(t,phi_slow,'r') plot(t,phi_fast,'g') plot(0.405,0,'gx') plot(1.876,0,'rx') plot(1.876,0.63674,'go') plot(1.876,0.65415,'ro') plot(1.876,-.017,'ko')
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Unformatted text preview: title({'System Response';'Problem 3';'Mike Iwanicki'}) xlabel('Time (s)') ylabel('Angle (deg)') legend('Total Response','Slow Response','Fast Response','Slow Time Constant','Fast Time Constant','phi(tau slow)','phi slow(tau slow)','phi fast(tau slow)') grid on hold off axis([0 3*1.876 -2 2])...
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