AAS15 Midterm Essay Guide

AAS15 Midterm Essay Guide - AAS 015. Introduction to...

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Unformatted text preview: AAS 015. Introduction to African American Humanities MIDTERM ESSAY GUIDELINES: Exploring a Black Genius Due: Tuesday, February 24 (no exceptions) Format 1. 4 full pages, word-processed, double-spaced, spelling and grammar checked, proofread, and stapled. No more than 1 inch margins on all sides, and number your pages . 2. Title your essay with a term that reflects the chosen theme and perspective of your paper on a cover sheet that precedes your first page . Include all of the appropriate identifying information, such as name, class, instructor, and date on this cover sheet. There is no need to repeat this information on the subsequent pages of text. 3. References: 1) appropriate course text chapters, both in Black Genius and supplementary readings, 2) at least two other appropriate book or scholarly essays, and 3) a website on your theme . If your person has written books, make one of your outside texts a book by your chosen person. Content 1. This is a research paper exploring an important and influential African American figure (black genius) who has books written about him/her. It is not a biography, but an analytical paper exploring the issues addressed has books written about him/her....
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AAS15 Midterm Essay Guide - AAS 015. Introduction to...

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